ICSI Treatment

The Golden IVF Clinic provides ICSI Infertility Treatment in Delhi along with IVF Treatment. In an IVF treatment, the male gametes are fertilised with the female gametes under controlled lab conditions. In the whole process many times, sperm fails to enter the egg due to a number of reasons. A few of them could be concluded as, the sperm is unable to attach itself to the outer covering of egg, sperm is unable to swim, use of frozen eggs or in-vitro matured eggs leading to hardening of the outer layer, making the sperm difficult to penetrate.

There is where ICSI treatment comes in the scenario. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection often known as ICSI is the process whereby a single male gamete is injected into the female gamete through microneedles called micropipette.

ICSI is usually recommended for those who haven’t found positive results through IVF and to patients whose sperm count is very low. It can be called the advanced stage of IVF and so the cost adds up too. Dr Arushi Sethi Clinic cuts down the Cost of ICSI Treatment in Delhi and makes the treatment available at reasonable cost.

Once the male gamete is infused inside the female gamete and fertilisation takes place, the fertilised egg is then transferred back to the womb in the time duration of one to five days just like traditional IVF.

The success rate of ICSI treatment varies from 50% to 80%. The major difference between traditional IVF and ICSI treatment is the number of male gametes used. In traditional IVF, maximum of healthy sperms are placed along with the female egg and fertilisation commences when any of them introduces itself into the cytoplasm of the female gamete. On the other hand, in ICSI only a single sperm is conveyed at a time, which is placed precisely inside the egg.

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